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About Us.

Who we are


CPI was created in 2002, bringing together ex-Blue Circle executive, management and technical personnel with many years of practical experience in the cement industry. As a unique mix of business and operations people working alongside technical experts, CPI is able to offer cement manufacturers in-depth knowledge and expertise to help optimise their technical and financial performance and deliver increased profitability.

CPI's staff includes:

  • Chemical & Process Engineers
  • Process Chemists
  • Mechanical Engineers & Maintenance Managers
  • Quality Control Managers
  • Production & Plant Managers
  • Product Development Specialists
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Mining Engineers

all of whom are carefully selected to contribute to the company's pool of knowledge, experience and people skills. CPI employs these experts not only because of their technical and cement industry knowledge but also because of their understanding of the variations in legislation, culture and practice in different regions of the world.

For any given task that you may have, CPI will select the most appropriate team from it’s wide pool of resources. Whether the task requires on-site visits, desktop analysis from the CPI UK offices or a combination of the two CPI will always ensure that the best-suited engineers are assigned to the task.

Cement engineers studying plans in front of a large concrete wall

Our Vision & Core Values

Our Vision
To achieve world-wide recognition of our unrivalled knowledge, expertise and experience by ensuring that our clients achieve their strategic aims.
Our Charter
  • We will always act in a professional and ethical way where the client’s interests are paramount.
  • We will always consider the work/life balance of everyone we work with.
  • We will enjoy the mutual successes that we create.
  • We will respect local cultures and care about the environment in which we operate.
  • We will strive to create an enjoyable working environment for all.
Our Purpose
To use our knowledge and global experience to improve our client’s performance.
Our Core Values
  • To create a positive, safe and enjoyable working environment for the team, for clients and suppliers.
  • To provide professional, high quality services.
  • To maintain ethical thoughts and actions.
22+ Years In
100's Of Projects

Meet our team

Professional Profiles
Allison Riser
CPI President
President and founder of Cement Performance International Ltd. Allison is a graduate in Fuel and Chemical Process Engineering and has worked in the cement industry for over 30 years in a variety of technical, strategic and executive roles. She has a strong technical foundation and operations experience combined with commercial awareness and has enhanced the development of strategic alliances between technical and commercial skills. An individual with the ability to apply logical thought processes to any situation and communicate with people at all levels.
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Peter Dover
Principal Adviser
Technical Director and co-founder. Peter is a chemical engineer who has worked in the cement industry for over 40 years. He is a highly motivated professional with extensive experience in the cement manufacturing business. He has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the cement manufacturing process, together with management and executive experience both in the UK and international environments. He is a skilled practitioner in participatory management methods, linked with an enthusiasm for modern communications technologies.
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Alan Lorimer
Alan Lorimer is a chemical engineer who has worked in the Engineering Research and Engineering support groups in the cement industry since graduation from university in 1973. In the course of this he has worked in the UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Technical work has included plant optimisation, kiln process control, flames, use of waste fuels, development of novel cement clinkers, high efficiency classifiers, kiln chains, process design, plant commissioning, plant assessments and development of works improvement plans and general problem solving.
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Steven Lock
Having worked at numerous locations both within the UK and overseas, Steve has the ability to communicate and demonstrate practically with people of varying skill levels and cultural backgrounds. The focus of his mechanical skills is primarily based on heavy continuous process equipment. His experience base has been developed in roles starting as an apprentice and rising to senior management roles. In recent years his main challenge has been the rollout of a National Reliability Strategy aimed at increasing plant run times through analysing failures and implementing fixes, as well as restructuring departments and improving skill levels to permit this to happen whilst achieving cost reductions.
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Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers is a physics and chemistry graduate with a strong track record of product development initiatives on a global basis. He is highly experienced in product quality control including trouble-shooting, together with significant expertise on cement performance from the customer perspective. His specialised scientific skills covers experience with new/novel sensors, including laser particle size analysis (on-line and laboratory equipment) and gas analysis techniques (gas chromatography). Author of numerous technical evaluation reports including comparative assessment of alternative measurement techniques to enhance plant performance. Has strong analytical and problem solving skills, and is an excellent communicator and trainer.
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Ralph Knight
Ralph Knight is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with established expertise in bulk materials handling, including bulk storage, extraction and metering of materials, pneumatic pipeline, mechanical and hydraulic conveying. He is highly experienced in trouble-shooting, managing and training on critical issues such as cost, quality, safety and the environment. His track record includes major corporate projects and consultancy work world-wide.
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Phil Kerton
Phil Kerton joined Blue Circle in about 1980. He led development projects related to kilns and the environment - as well as some non-cement projects. By 2001, he was Manager of Technical Information, being the company patent expert and involved in committees of the British Cement Association and Cembureau. He co-ordinated technical collaboration with other manufacturers, spending a time as Président of the Commission Chimique of the "Comité d'Etudes Techniques de l'Industrie Cimentière". Phil specializes in advising on aspects of environmental legislation and intellectual property rights and writes for international cement publications.
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Arthur Harrisson
A cement and concrete technical expert with an international reputation. Has been involved in innovation in process improvement, in commissioning of three kiln lines and in project management of major projects involving research and development and practical implementation. Particular expertise involves chemical and physical evaluation of raw materials and their processing for optimum efficiency for clinker and cement production through to optimum quality of product.
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Nick Eastwood
Nick is a Senior Mining Professional with a strong track record in contributing to the profitable development and performance of mineral extraction businesses globally. His wide-ranging and extensive experience includes board directorship, operational management, technical services consultancy, due diligence, international recruitment, benchmarking and the implementation of 'Best Practice', leadership of an international corporate professional technical support team and the creation and implementation of innovative training programmes.
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